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Pre-order Vulture Culture inspired bumper stickers today! Cost is $5.00 for a set of five stickers shipped anywhere in the USA and $7.00 for non-US residents. These will go into production tomorrow and will take about one to two weeks to complete. All stickers are locally screen printed using sustainable materials and will last 3 - 5 years with no fading - even outdoors! 

Yes , yes , and yes.


Anonymous asked:

so what? you have no education at all? or did you at least get your GED?


And this is one of the greatest things about not finishing high school - everyone naturally assumes that I’m an idiot, haha. I don’t mean you, anon, I mean everyone. My extended family (and the sister used to hassle me about it too) tends to think I’m a loser because I couldn’t complete high school. Yes, I have education, I finished up to about half way through grade 10 and I just said screw it, I’m not learning anything beyond what I have to know for an exam, I’m never going to use this crap in life if I don’t become an accountant or Doctor, and spending my days being frustrated because I’m obviously too stupid isn’t exactly how I want to spend the next few years. No GED either, I have no need for it. I have so far helped produce/edit a CD, worked on several websites (not HTML but I taught myself a lot of that a few years back) and I have learned to use my talents to make money. If I need to learn something, I learn it. To me education is 100% overrated because it’s a system where everyone should learn the same things and be as smart as the person next to them or they’re considered dumb and useless. Well I have talents and those talents weren’t exactly honed or used in school, whereas I am using them now. So yes, I have an education, and I barely use it, haha.




Making 280mph Capable Carbon Fiber Wheels - /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

I found this very interesting.

What I love about Christian von Koenigsegg and Horacio Pagani is that they create their own supercars - cars that that they envision in their minds. I would not hesitate to say that Koenigsegg and Pagani are industry leaders in high performance supercars as well. They are both innovative in completely different ways. It’s great to see that they are always both fused in the whole process of making their cars and are always able to talk about them in documentaries, interviews, videos etc. You can’t say the same for any other car manufacturer, but I guess because Pagani and Koenigsegg are still relatively new as car manufacturers the founders are still around. But still, the fact that they are arguably the newest supercar manufacturers shows how far they’ve come in a small amount of time. Arguably, Pagani and Koenigsegg are the two brands that you’d probably associate with the best cars ever made. I like the fact that they’re not making fuckin’ SUVs or cars for the masses because they don’t care about you. Their vision is to make the best car how ever long it takes and that is what keeps their exclusivity and appeal.

Kudos to them for being alive.

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